• Volare

    • Avanti

    • Aqua

    • Armonia

    • Fantasia

    • Alegria

    • You and I Forever

    • Red Ecstasy

    • Friendship

    • Dancing Away

    Santiago Medina Picture

    What is most unique about contemporary artist Santiago Medina is his aesthetic depth and erudition to capture in stainless steel and bronze the authentic expressiveness of the visual arts. His art displays energetic but yet enigmatic spiraling figures in continuous movement rising to the heavens. The topics covered joy and harmony,lovers and maternal love, kiss and friendship, ecstasy and passion are the fabric of who we are as humans. All these strong emotions converge in his seductive art. Endowed with a solid training in the masters but with avante-garde inspiration, the work of Santiago Medina is clearly captivating and will transcend generations.” - Mariavelia Savino. Curator and Gallerist.